A-27/Part, APIE, Balanagar Hyderabad, Telangana 500037
Our Services

Contract Manufacturing

We offer liquid and lyophilized fill-finish of sterile injectable products, including terminal sterilization and high containment capabilities for potent compounds.
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We offer our customers far more than simple contract manufacturing:

  • We have extensive expertise in the pharmaceutical manufacture, formulation, and analytical testing of starting materials and products. 
  • Our core competence is the production of Injectable/Ophthalmic dosage forms. 
  • Our sites are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to ensure quality and the highest efficiency for all process stages. 
  • With our international expertise, we facilitate the access of our customers to demanding and emerging markets. 
  • The Crenza holds all relevant manufacturing licenses and certificates.  
  • On request, we are happy to extend our broad spectrum of certificates and licenses, according to the needs of our customers.
Contract Packaging

We develop packaging solutions that combine competence, efficiency, and variety and comply with the highest GMP standards. We support you with stand-alone packaging services as well as stability tests and analytical support, for example.
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Our packaging services at a glance

• Folding boxes in different sizes
• Leaflets and package inserts
• Adding of handouts and brochures
• Counter-top displays and associated displays and trays

• Wide range of labeling solutions
• Vignettes
• "Bellini" labels/stickers

Printing and codification
• Printing of barcodes, graphics, and logos
• French Coding (e.g. data matrix code)
Analytical Services

Crenza offers comprehensive analytical services in the field of physical, chemical, and instrumental analysis of drugs, active pharmaceutical ingredients, and excipients.
Our extensive laboratory capacity and many years of experience make us a competent partner with a huge range of analytics solutions on offer. We have state-of-the-art equipment in the fields of physical, chemical, and instrumental analysis for testing drugs, active pharmaceutical ingredients, and excipients. Our leading competence centers provide a variety of services, including stability testing and the creation of stability reports, storage, and optimizing production methods.

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When it comes to analytical testing, we offer a complete service:

  • Testing and release of active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients according to monograph or customer specifications
  • Stability testing 
  • Freeze-thaw study 
  • Photostability 
  • Admixture Study 
  • We plan studies designed according to ICH guidelines1 (long-term, ongoing, follow-up)
  • Storage in state-of-the-art climatic chambers with continuous monitoring of the uninterrupted operation 
  • Long term: 25°C and 60% RH 
  • Long term: 30°C and 65% RH 
  • Accelerated: 40°C and 75% RH 
  • Other climatic conditions available on customer request 
  • Analytical testing